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Ma Dukes' Noun:
A community or block mother. She’s one that’s well known in the neighborhood.
Chef Monique AKA “Ma Dukes'” comes from humble beginnings. Being raised by a single mother of five some of my fondest memories are the home cooked meals. You could smell the savory flavors throughout the neighborhood and I always knew it was coming form our kitchen. Then there is Granny house. All of our friends and neighborhood kids call her “Momma Sarah” You never eat before going to Granny house because she’s going to feed you and feed you good. Just for the record she wont take "I'm not hungry" for an answer. With these two women we didn’t know much about fast food or take out. But, who needs fast food when you have two amazing home cooking chefs. I can’t forget my father. He’s known as “PaPa” he’s from the island of Jamaica is where I get the island twist from.
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen between the three learning different techniques and how to bring different flavors together creating tasty dishes. By my teenage years I was preparing family meals every chance I could. Some were better than others but they all brought us together.
My love for cooking quickly turned into a passion when I saw how much coming together with food brought people together. The time spent with family and friends, the stories shared and all the fun and laughter is priceless. At this stage in my life I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing than to share my love for cooking with others.
I have worked in the restaurant and hotel industry over 22 years and the skills I have gained has allowed me to make this jump as owner and head chef at Ma Dukes’ kitchen. Where I have created some of my own recipes and have a strong influence on the menu which combines an American~Island cuisine.
Ma Dukes' is founded on the 4 F’s Family, Friends, Food and Fun. When they all come together it’s a celebration. From family sit down dinner time to backyard BBQ’s and don’t forget the family reunions, graduations, engagements, weddings and the list goes on.
Ma Dukes’ Kitchen where family, friends and food come together.
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